LifeShape: Questions and answers

1. What is LifeShape?

LifeShape is a multidisciplinary medical treatment, whose goal is, for each person, create a healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition and physical activity, reduce the fat without surgery and cellulite, getting rapid and durable results that enable a more harmonious body in different places like the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back and arms.

2. What is the LifeShape?

This treatment is based on creating a healthy lifestyle through a clinical analysis of each person and their medical recommendations, in conjunction with an individual program of nutrition, the ultrasound technology converged frequency cavitational, therapeutic massage and lymphatic drainage. The individual nutritional approach allows the creation of a proper diet to the case and, of course, decreased fat mass index. Ultrasounds selective act exclusively in fat cells accumulate in the body area to be treated by destroying the localized adiposity by inducing cycles of compression and decompression in the environment. When tissues are subjected to the diffusion cycle, it creates a negative pressure inside leading to the implosion of macro fat molecule into many micro bubbles and therefore the rupture of the membrane of the same adipocytes. The resultant substance is eliminated from the body by routes of excretion (urine and faeces) through a technical and rhythmic manual massage of  lymphatic drainage adapted to the case. This massage therapy improves blood circulation, relieves pain from varicose veins, eliminates toxins and, consequently, edema, and nourishes tissues.

3. What areas can be treated with LifeShape?

LifeShape allows improving the contour of various body surfaces, for example, back side, thighs and buttocks. This program also smooth's out the imperfections on the skin surface, such as those caused by marked changes in weight (e.g. grooves).

4. How long does it take the LifeShape program?

The program lasts between one month and a half and three months, depending on the clinical analysis of the case and its recommendation, and the area being treated. The results can be seen immediately after each session.

5. How is a LifeShape treatment?

The treatment is conducted at Lifeclinic by a medical team with multidisciplinary background and procedures and generally requires no preparation.

Together with the results of medical tests, is an analysis of body composition and nutritional assessment. With these parameters and others, collected from a thorough clinical interview conducted by a medical specialist, there is a screening and recommendation of treatment. The remaining procedures, ultrasound and draining massage therapy, begins after the consultation of information and consent of those in demand. In the course of treatment are made new analysis in order to monitor the results.

Talk to our doctor about the requirements of pre and post-treatment.  

6. Is the LifeShape program safe?

Yes, LifeShape is based on the nutritional shift, by analysis of the clinical case, in ultrasound technology and massage therapy. These treatments are conducted in more than ten million aesthetic treatments.

7. What is the difference between the LifeShape treatment and Liposuction?

The LifeShape is a program for removing fat based on creating a healthy lifestyle, the technology of ultrasound and lymphatic drainage; Liposuction is an invasive treatment consisting of extraction of fat by suction, that's why typically requires general anesthesia. After LifeShape treatment the person is able to perform any activity, but after a liposuction the downtime is usually more than one week. This results in the absence of changes in daily activities.

8. Who can make the LifeShape treatment program?

LifeShape treatment can be done by anyone wishing to adapt the shape of your body in a permanent form without undergoing a surgical procedure.

9. There are reasons not to do a LifeShape treatment?

Like any medical procedure there are some special requirements that must be evaluated along with the doctor at the first consultation before LiefeShape treatment begins. Above all, there should be no active disease, such as inflammation, infections or tumors in the area or near the area of treatment to be achieved. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, chronic illness, severe circulatory problems, liver disease, prostheses and osteosynthesis are also impeditive.

LifeShape isn't a weight loss program for obese people (obesity grade I, II or III).

10. What happens after each LifeShape treatment session?

After each session of LifeShape treatment program you will see immediately results. It is not recommended fat intake to not overload the system allowing the continuation of active drainage, proper hydration during and after treatment and the realization of physical activity is also recommended.

Your doctor will give you the advice you need to follow in the post-treatment to obtain the final results through a proper eating and moderate physical activity.

All bodies are different and there is individual variability. In some cases, to maintain a satisfactory cosmetic result, you may need to make a new treatment for 12-18 months after initial treatment but with less volume than the first.

11. Who can perform the LifeShape treatment?

Only are recommended experienced doctors to perform these procedures.

12. How can I get more information about the LifeShape program?

Send us an email to or contact us at 211 914 322.


Additional information: These FAQs relate to programs of medical LifeShape Classic and Strong.


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