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Strategies to prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers are now a public health problem. The appearance of the wounds involve suffering of the patient and the caregiver person, changes in body image and, not be overlooked, high cost in treating.

With an increasingly aging population, the rise in chronic diseases, and inactivity, it is believed that the prevalence of wounds is increasing. According to data from the DGS, it is estimated that about 95% of pressure ulcers are avoidable through early identification of their degree of Risk.

Check here some practical care that can carry out at home in order to prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers.

Skin Care
- Examine daily skin condition;
- Keep the skin clean and dry;
- Wash skin with warm water after bathing and drying it thoroughly;
- Clean the skin without friction;
- Use soaps or cleaning substances of low irritant;
- Apply moisturizers diariamante;
- Do not use alcoholic solutions on the skin;
- Do not massage bony prominences.

Nutritional Support
- Increase water / prevention of dehydration;
- Increase protein / energy to emaciated patients.

Switching decubitus
- Position the patient bedridden at least 2/2 hours depending on your level of tolerance;
- Teach the patient seated and are able to change position to relieve the weight of your body 15/15 minutes;
- Avoid direct support on injuries;
- Maintain body alignment, weight distribution and balance of the patient;
- Avoid direct contact with bony prominences surfaces;
- Use in patients at risk mattresses or cushions to reduce the pressure.

In Lifeclinic®, the systematic determination of the Pressure Ulcers Risk  is performed by specialized nurses

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