"We all have a mission to fulfill."

Paula Sant'Anna Ferreira, Lifeclinic ® Administrator

Consumers are more demanding. On health demand a human and flexible space that uses the smile to start the dialogue. The Lifeclinic® is a clinical health and welfare in Cascais that want to present customized solutions to each customer.

Health, along with other areas of life, is undergoing changes in its paradigm. There is curious that at a time of global economic crisis, which has negatively affected populations, this change is favorable to the sick person! The new vision of health has moved away from the hold one, the idea that being healthy was not having a disease, and emerged the notion of physical wellbeing and mental health, a broader concept that includes an adaptation to social life.

Precursor in Cascais in providing private health care, the Lifeclinic ® - health care dates back to ancient Clinic Torre do Pinhal. This space well recognized by the people of Cascais was born from a desire of Paula Sant'Anna Ferreira that there are about 20 years ago decided to invest his natural ability, applying its philosophy in a company, a culture of mutual aid towards those in need of care. In 2009 he returned to get the space centrally located in the Bairro do Rosario, remodeled it completely, and with more experience, and professional staff, launches a brand Lifeclinic that is making is first steps with enthusiasm and a experience team of high quality.

"Having physical health does not necessarily mean being healthy. I just have to know a little of the human being ... respect for the person and their welfare is a core value that I place and without which I believe is feasible to be in this sector of the health care supply. " 

Why chose again Cascais, to open the Lifeclinic ®?
I live in Cascais for many years. It was precisely in Bairro do Rosario that I created my daughters and now I help raise my grandchildren. I usually say that the light here is different. This is clearly emotional but I think that Cascais has a therapeutic effect.

In fact the village of Cascais needed a space with the characteristics of Lifeclinic to meet the needs of people who want personalized service. 

Based on the health market, to what extent is the vision of Lifeclinic ® appropriate to their position in this market, particularly as regards the development of new projects?
Providing excellent service with a holistic approach - body, mind and spirit - in health care is our vision. The best award that any organization can receive from their clients is precisely this recognition. The development of new projects is one way that we are to go as we have demonstrated through the creation of LifeShape a medical-therapeutic plan in which the concepts of health and well-being are fully integrated.

What are the qualities of the health professionals of Lifeclinic ® that can add value to the panorama of Cascais in the health field?
Our history is recent. The brand is present in Cascais Lifeclinic since April 2009 and has had a good acceptance.

In Lifeclinic ® we were careful in selecting the clinical staff for their extensive experience and expertise and for having developed most of his career in the region know the reality of costumers. Raise levels of quality care and brought innovative specialties such as Neuroscience. Establish agreements with major insurers and with it created a new space that will constantly evolve and adapt to our clients' needs.

The Lifeclinic ® now has some new projects as the reference LifeKids with the screening of childhood obesity, the LifeSenior with the provision of services to nursing homes, with the LifeShape Lipodrenagem, Psychology of Traffic with the Psychological Assessment of drivers eligible. There are already some private players in the provision of health care in Cascais, how you prospect the future of business?
The fact that we have an average size allows us to be flexible and to develop unique projects that are addressing the needs we identified in our customers. We'll always have this strategy, but for now it is time to consolidate the current projects and to enhance the range of specialties and medical staff we have in our portfolio. We can not ignore the socio-economic difficulties experienced in Portugal because they concern us all. We want Lifeclinic, at its size, contributes to be a example of an efficient practice, but human in this sector.

How Lifeclinic manages its business strategy against the backdrop of global crisis and doubt?
We have a long term vision and we intend to develop our business for many years to come! To do this we must keep our course, relying on the medical team because the current important is to continue to deserve and earn every day the trust of customers by offering an exemplary response on their needs.

Want to develop a little more?
Yes, of course. I'll give it a significant example, in Dermatology we have Dr. Manuel Calixto since 1988. By this I mean that we consult with tradition, and by thair quality are strongly rooted in this neighborhood, this is also true of Gynecology, Ophthalmology, and Pediatrics. Our offer is comprehensive, 360º. We have the permanent nursing, we conducted diagnostic procedures and rely on technical staff such as Physiotherapy and Neurophysiology.

One of the values of Lifeclinic ® focuses on "proximity." With the current lifestyle of families and the demand of new consumers, how nac this intent be accomplished in an exemplary manner by all employees?
I identify myself with the people who seek for us. Respect for people is something that characterizes me and cuts across all the Lifeclinic. This, like any other value, is structural in me and I live it with rigor, generosity, determination, courage and delivery. I know that having physical health does not mean being healthy. I just have to know a little from human being ... respect for the individual and his welfare is a core value that I place and without which I believe is not being viable in this area of provision of healthcare. In Lifeclinic we treat the person and not the disease.

In his view, the most important thing in life is? 
Have projects and devote ourselves to them with enthusiasm. Be aware that we have a mission to fulfill and a legacy to leave.

What satisfy you more on the exercise of your profession?
The work and job satisfaction are an integral part in human life. Therefore, in line with what I have said earlier, the satisfaction of seeing someone blossom, open up, become more healthy, safe and happy brings me happiness. Despite all the commonalities that exist in the relationships I establish with the people I know, always remains a core of rich details that are truly unique and these allow me to continuously enrich a person.

Do you considered your self an accomplished woman?
I do not suffer with those anxieties (smile). I put my knowledge to the other and I realize my self every day.

This interview was published in the Journal News Golden Cascais No. 15 of 9 July.


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