Lifeclinic ®: Neuropsychology and Psychological Intervention Appointments

The Neuropsychology area aims at diagnosing and intervening in situations of behavioural, cognitive, emotional and personality changes, after a lesion or dysfunction of the brain.

Thus, and to refer the main clinical pictures, we intervene in terms of dysfunctions of attention/concentration, orientation, memory, language, sensorial perception, neuropsychomotricity, the ability to “deal” with the area opposed to the lesion and the logical and critical capacities.

In the context of procedures more oriented towards the collaboration with other specialties, Neuropsychology performs is scopes as wide as pre and post surgery evaluations (in neurosurgery patients), the evaluation of the efficiency of pharmacological therapies in situations such as dementia and epilepsy, and the cognitive and operational follow-up on children.

In terms of thematic consultations, Neuropsychology intervenes in situations of fatigue, memory disturbances (of organic or functional causes), accompaniment of the normal aging process, post-altered consciousness states, cognitive disturbances due to sleeping disorders, and post-concussion dysfunctions.

The psychology area focuses on the evaluation of psychic parameters and the psychotherapeutic follow-up on such diverse situations as anxiety (with or without panic crisis), depression (in children, adults, or the elderly), bipolar scenarios, psychosis, personality disorders, learning difficulties, hyperactivity with or without attention deficit, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysorthographia, eating disorders, child behaviour disturbances (hyperactivity, antagonizing behaviours, aggressiveness, incontinence/encopresis), difficulties in life changes (new school, divorce situations, birth of siblings and mourning), stress, burnout, fatigue and pain.

The Psychologic Intervention usually resorts to an integrated approach and (if required) to relaxation and hypnosis.

Both areas cover the scope of Retirement and Medical-Legal. Both Neuropsychology and Pshycologic Interventions assume trans-clinic dynamics, working with the patients’ families, teachers and employers.

Both areas can perform in a house-call regime (neuropsychological accompaniment of bedridden patients, general psychological support and/or relaxation in situations such as nocturnal disorientation, panic crisis, insomnia or the diminishment of the psycho-emotional tonus associated to night-fall), whenever requested.

A team of renowned specialists coordinated by Dr. Manuel C. R. Domingos

  • Manuel C. R. Domingos (Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist)
  • Gabriela Álvares Pereira (Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist)
  • Ana de la Bletière (Paediatric Psychologist)
  • Vânia Cardoso (Neuropsychologist and Special Education Teacher)
  • Mafalda Ferreira (Clinical Psychologist)


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